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Hey, My name is Tim. I am the maintainer of Netmeta and a Software Developer/Systems Engineer at monogon SE. In my free time I do mostly random project which tend to escalate into absurd extremes. You can find my Salary Transparency here.

A HAProxy SPOP library tour

I learned about HAProxy SPOP and its extreme versatility while getting introduced to the browser validation at one of my old jobs. There are multiple ways to filter out bad clients, one of the simplest ones are small websites that are solving a proof-of-work challenge. Cloudflare is a perfect example of such a client validation that nearly everyone have seen at least once. To allow implementation of such a system, the loadbalancer needs to conditionally redirect clients based on a secret the browser provides, mostly based on a cookie....

August 31, 2023 Ā· 4 min Ā· Fionera

The journey of exporting raw data from SplunkĀ®

For some time now I have been helping out in a group of friends who are building their own ASDB network to track airplanes flying over Europe. As they wanted to store the data for later use, aggregation, and enrichment, they started importing the JSON data that readsb wrote into a Splunk instance. When asked why Splunk was chosen, the response was that nobody knew how to do it better, and they already had a license anyway, so why not give it a try....

July 21, 2023 Ā· 3 min Ā· Fionera